Concrete Filled Bagwork

Concrete Filled Bagwork Simple, Clean & Environmentally Acceptable SoluForm Concrete Filled Bagwork SoluForm concrete filled bagwork is available pre-filled and arrives ready to use. We currently offer a 32N high strength structural mix within our bagwork products. The high strength structural mix is designed to form a longer lasting, durable concrete block, suitable for a […]

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Topsoil Filled MSE Bagwork

Topsoil Filled MSE Bagwork Simple, Clean & Environmentally Acceptable Topsoil Filled MSE Bagwork What is Topsoil Filled MSE Bagwork? Soil filled mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) bagwork has been around for approximately 15 years in its current form and there are a number of comparable products on the market. In general, they all consist of geotextile

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