SoluForm Benefits & Uses

Simple, Clean & Environmentally Acceptable

Concrete Bagwork Uses

  • For hand placing concrete in a wide variety of applications.

  • For placement in water where the risk of pollution needs to be minimised.

  • For the dust free placement of concrete in other situations where water soluble liners allow the dry mix to be pre-soaked or hosed in situ.

  • Suitable for underpinning, void filling, riverbank works, constructing culvert headwalls, various scour protection works, the formation of walls etc.

  • Suitable for longer term works when steelwork is incorporated.

  • An ideal solution for emergency or temporary works.

Concrete Bagwork Benefits and Uses
SoluForm Concrete Bagwork Benefits and Uses

Concrete Bagwork Benefits

  • Simple to use. No specialist skills required.

  • Can be carried and placed by hand.

  • A very cost effective means of placing concrete underwater or near a watercourse, in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

  • Allow placement of concrete in most cases without the need for dewatering or temporary works.

  • Liners either biodegrade along with the hessian outer bags or dissolve, to leave just the concrete block. No waste is therefore placed in the watercourse.

  • Our underwater liners and hessian outer bags are manufactured from natural, renewable and sustainable resources.

  • Unlike grout bags, no specialist plant or pumps are required to fill or place the bagwork.

  • Several design mix options available.

  • Allows dry mixes to be placed both above and below water.

  • Unlike grout pumping, no mixing or pumping of material within the river takes place, so placement is inherently safer for the watercourse.

  • A highly adaptable system – allowing site personnel the ability to adapt to changes in design, install a solution despite limited information of the problem, or work around unforeseen obstacles.

  • The bagwork product is available “off the shelf” and often available within a few days of ordering.

Soil Filled MSE Bagwork Uses

  • Simple Walls & Slopes

  • Headwalls

  • Terraced Slopes

  • Berms or Earthworks

  • Channels

Soil Filled MSE Bagwork Benefits

  • Smaller, Easier to Handle Bagwork

    This is obviously linked to manual handling, making the bags easier and safer to handle on site. Although this then requires more bags and shear keys for a given volume of bagwork, we have reduced our prices to make SoluForm soil filled bagwork comparable on a cubic metre basis, with larger 40kg alternatives.

  • Soil

    Our prefilled bags are filled with the highest quality BS 3882:2015 compliant sand rich topsoil. This provides a more nutrient rich soil, whilst still ensuring the bagwork is free draining.

  • Practical Bag Dimensions

    Importantly, the length of the bag is close to being twice the width. This allows for bagwork to be rotated and better fit together to form a consistent width to a wall.

  • Colour and Appearance

    SoluForm MSE Bagwork is dark green. Ultimately, with MSE bagwork, the aim is to “green-up” and vegetate the bagwork, so having a green appearance from the offset seems the most logical approach.

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