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There is a wide range of possible applications for both concrete and soil filled bagwork. Each product offers a regular size of building block which can be hand placed into a wide variety of forms and designs. Typically, these may involve:

Concrete Bagwork

  • Structural underpinning of abutments and training walls subject to scour.
  • The formation of scour protection within watercourses.
  • The creation of pipe, culvert or bridge headwalls and training walls.
  • The formation of river walls, including repairs to existing walls.
  • The creation of SUDS schemes, to create storage lagoons, etc.
  • Earthwork retention.
  • Embankment stabilisation works.

Soil Filled MSE Bagwork

  • The repair or formation of embankments, slopes or retaining walls
  • The creation of pipe or culvert headwalls and training walls
  • The lining and formalising of open channels
  • The formation of earth bunds or berms

Concrete Filled Bagwork Applications

Placement in Active Watercourses

  • Below water bagwork is always used for underwater placement and should be combined with steelwork.
  • Where water levels can be manipulated or naturally fluctuate, the higher water level can be utilised to hydrate the mix and harden the concrete. In these situations below water bagwork can be used for the transition.
  • Bagwork placed above normal or elevated levels should be formed with above water bagwork.
  • Steelwork is not required for above water bagwork but will add to the strength and durability of the bagwork feature.

Below Water Placement

  • Below water bagwork placed below the waterline utilises the surrounding water to hydrate the dry mix.
  • Steelwork is needed for short term hydration and for longterm integrity.

Placement Using Coir Rolls and Mats

  • SoluForm bagwork can be used with Coir Rolls and Mats (not supplied by SoluForm).

Placement Within a Temporarily Dewatered Watercourse

  • Above water bagwork may be used depending upon environmental risk and subject to regulatory consent.

Placement Away from Water 

  • Above water bagwork is pre-soaked or wetted in situ following placement.
  • Steelwork not required but can be added to strengthen the bagwork feature.

Headwall Installation

  • An ideal substitute for precast concrete headwalls.
  • Steelwork not required but can be added to
    strengthen the bagwork feature.

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