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Our General Concrete Bagwork Product Fact Sheet

Identification of the substance and of the company.

Prefilled Above Water Concrete Bagwork is designed for the hand placement of concrete, above the waterline or away from watercourses, where external water is not present to hydrate the concrete contained inside the bag.

Uses typically include:
The building of walls and headwalls to pipes, culverts and bridges, void filling and underpinning, the formation of scour protection or the creation and protection of riverbanks where environmentally safe to do so.

Prefilled SoluForm Underwater Concrete Bagwork is designed for the hand placement of concrete in watercourses.

Uses include:
The creation below water of scour protection, void filling, underpinning to a structure subject to scour, the formation of underwater parts to headwalls for pipes, culverts and bridges, or the creation and protection of riverbanks and walls below water.

Soil Filled MSE Bagwork Downloads

SoluForm MSE bagwork consists of soil filled geotextile bags and spikes/pins between the rows of bagwork. Typically, SoluForm MSE bagwork is a prefilled bagwork product, meaning the bagwork arrives to site ready to place and there is therefore no requirement to hand fill bagwork yourself.

The establishment of planting on prefilled bagwork can can be achieved in a number of ways including any one or a combination of different methods. Our Planting Guidance Document provides details of these different methods.

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