Intellectual Property

SoluForm’s biodegradable and water soluble liners are patented in the United Kingdom (Patent Number GB2464669). Aspects of the design are also patent pending application No. 1905855.1. The patenting encompasses both hand placed and pump filled methods of placement that utilise a range of biodegradable and water soluble films for the placement of cementitious material in and around watercourses, including the use of the bags as liners to traditional sand bags. Patenting also covers cementitious material when placed in both the wet and dry states, prefilled and filled on-site.

SoluForm is also trademarked in the UK.

Company Information

SoluForm is the trading name and currently a division of Hoben International Ltd (registered in the UK no. 781808).

Design Assistance

Design assistance, guidance or advice relating to the Products / Goods do not form part of the agreement between Hoben International Ltd and the customer. The customer agrees that, in submitting a purchase order, it has not relied on any representations or statements by Hoben International Ltd other than those expressly set out in Hoben International’s standard terms and conditions of sale.


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