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Hand Placed Concrete Filled and Topsoil Filled MSE Bagwork

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Watercourse Protection

SoluForm’s Hand Placed Bagwork 

Providing simple, cost effective and environmentally acceptable solutions for the hand placement of concrete or soil bagwork, both in and out of watercourses.

Concrete Filled Bagwork

A very cost effective means of placing concrete underwater or near a watercourse, in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

We currently offer two grades of concrete within our bagwork, a 32N high strength structural mix, and a 12N mix.

The high strength structural mix is designed to form a longer lasting, durable concrete block, suitable for a range of underpinning, scour protection and river walling projects, and works particularly well with steelwork. This structural mix is typically used for schemes specified by Consultants, for more technically demanding schemes, or where there is a need for a longer design life. The high strength mix is available in both the underwater and above water bag options.

We now also offer a 12N specification concrete, suitable for general void filling and civil engineering applications for our above water product. 

The 12N mix is similar in strength and durability to an ST1/GEN1 or Postmix concrete and can offer a cost effective alternative to our structural mix. The 12N mix is only available in the above water bag option.

Concrete Bagwork Uses

  • For hand placing concrete in a wide variety of applications.

  • For placement in water where the risk of pollution needs to be minimised.

  • For the dust free placement of concrete in other situations where water soluble liners allow the dry mix to be pre-soaked or hosed in situ.

  • Suitable for underpinning, void filling, riverbank works, constructing culvert headwalls, various scour protection works, the formation of walls etc.

  • Suitable for longer term works when steelwork is incorporated.

  • An ideal solution for emergency or temporary works.

Soil Filled MSE Bagwork

Soil filled MSE Bagwork is very simple, requiring, in many cases, little or no specialist plant and no need for skilled labour.

Soil filled mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) bagwork has been around for approximately 15 years in its current form and there are a number of comparable products on the market. In general, they all consist of geotextile bags containing typically free draining sandy soils for the construction of earthworks such as riverbanks, slopes and walls. In addition to the fabric bags, an integral component to the bagwork is the inclusion of spikes, pins or plates between the rows of bagwork which prevent slippage or movement of the bags.

The characteristics of the geotextile bags, coupled with the soil that the bags contain, allow for the establishment and promotion of vegetation growth, both on and inside the bagwork. This not only greens up the bagwork to improve its appearance, it also strengthens the bagwork structure and improves both riverbank habitat and biodiversity.

As a form of construction, soil filled MSE Bagwork is very simple, requiring, in many cases, little or no specialist plant and no need for skilled labour. It is often a very cost effective, environmentally safe and ecologically beneficial form of riverbank, slope or wall construction.

Soil Filled MSE Bagwork Uses

  • Simple Walls & Slopes

  • Headwalls

  • Terraced Slopes

  • Berms or Earthworks

  • Channels

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There is a wide range of possible applications for both concrete and soil filled bagwork. Each product offers a regular size of building block which can be hand placed into a wide variety of forms and designs.

Concrete bagwork may be needed for scour protection, void filling, underpinning to a structure subject to scour, the formation of headwalls to culverts and bridges, or the creation and protection of riverbanks and walls. Away from water applications may also include building retaining walls, landscaping, SUD schemes etc.

Soil filled bagwork is a soft engineering alternative to concrete and can be used for the building and reinstatement of embankments and slopes, or the creation of a wide variety of wall types. Formed from geotextiles and filled with earth, this type of bag has the benefit of allowing vegetation to grow both on and in the bagwork, improving its appearance and creating additional habitat.

Designer's and Contractor's Guidance

Backed up with nearly 30 years’ experience of scour protection and river-work design, our sales team is able to offer both practical and design guidance, should it be required. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.

Please feel free to email us at sales@soluform.co.uk with details of your scheme or click on the ‘Contact Us’ button below to send us an enquiry.

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