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SoluForm’s Hand Placed Bagwork 

Providing simple, cost effective and environmentally acceptable solutions for the hand placement of concrete or soil bagwork, both in and out of watercourses.

Concrete Bagwork

SoluForm have developed and patented a range of biodegradable bags, for use inside traditional hessian/jute bags or on their own, for the placement of concrete in or around rivers.

The use of liners or bags is needed to ensure that cement fines are confined to the bag and not able to leak out into the environment during the vulnerable stage in construction – whilst being carried, placed and prior to the concrete hardening.

SoluForm’s environmentally acceptable concrete bagwork solutions now have even more advantages for watercourse construction and repairs as the whole supply chain is integrated into our Carbon-Neutral strategy.

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Soil filled MSE Bagwork
For 2021, SoluForm have also introduced a range of soil filled mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) bagwork, for the creation of a range of earthworks, typically used for reinstating riverbanks from the effects of erosion. Soil filled bagwork is a softer form of erosion protection and has the ability to over-vegetate and improve general habitat.

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