Soluform have developed a range of biodegradable and water soluble film bags for the placement of concrete in rivers. The bags can be used on their own, or as liners to traditional hessian/jute sand bags, to ensure cement fines are contained and not able to leak out into the environment before the concrete has hardened. They have been designed to offer an environmentally acceptable means of placing concrete in rivers.

The Problem

Concrete filled hessian/jute bags (sand bags) have been used for decades to place concrete in rivers, for structuiral repairs, underpinning and scour protection works. The nature of the fabric bags however, meant that cement unavoidably leaked out and frequently polluted the watercourse. In the absence of extensive temporary works or dewatering, consent to use such a product within UK rivers is currently often difficult to obtain from either the Environment Agency or SEPA.

The Solution

SoluForm's patented range of biodegradable or water-soluble film liners have been designed to be placed inside traditional hessian sand bags. The film liner creates an impermeable barrier that safely and effectively contains the wet concrete and eliminates the risk of environmental contamination, allowing the placement of concrete bagwork without the need for dewatering. Once the block has hardened and the film is effectively redundant, the bag will either safely biodegrade or dissolve, depending upon the type of film bag, together with the biodegradable hessian bag.

Introducing...... SoluForm

SoluForm manufacture and distribute two forms of hessian bag liners; a biodegradable (potato) starch liner and a water-soluble pva liner. Our liners are supplied along with the hessian outer bags. We also provide suitable bag filling and bag closing devices, and training, if necessary........more.......