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Soluform have developed and patented a range of biodegradable or water soluble film bags, for use inside traditional hessian/jute bags or on their own, for the placement of concrete in or around rivers. The use of liners or bags is needed to ensure that cement fines are confined to the bag and not able to leak out into the environment during the vulnerable stage in construction - whilst being placed and prior to the concrete hardening.

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Only available direct from SoluForm

SoluForm is a single source product, only available direct from SoluForm. For a limited time only, our bags and liners are also available from our sister company EnviroForm to existing credit account holders. We no longer sell through distributors or builders merchants.

We now offer a range of equipment solutions for rapid filling of our range of bags.

Our Products

SoluForm Bagwork

These can be provided in a number of forms, all of which have been tested and improved upon over the last ten years, including both biodegradable and water soluble liners, and thicker self-supporting bags.

Pre-filled bags

Through a partner organisation, we can also offer the bagwork prefilled, with a standard mix. Our intention is to expand our prefilled capacity over the coming year.


Steelwork should be included to tie the individual blocks together, helping to create a large singular block of concrete bagwork. Steelwork is important in schemes where protection against scour is needed

Filling Equipment

Bagwork can be filled in a number of ways, ranging from hand held devices for filling smaller numbers of bags, to specialist filling funnels, silos and mechanised mortar delivery systems.

Uses & Benefits

SoluForm manufacture and distribute environmentally friendly biodegradable bags for the hand placement of concrete in and around watercourses.

  • Simple to use

    No specialist skills are required. Can be carried and placed by hand. Helps in minimizing pollution

  • Low Cost

    A very low cost means of placing concrete underwater, in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

  • Ideal Solution

    Suitable for longer term works when steelwork is incorporated. An ideal solution for emergency or temporary works

  • Protect Watercourse

    Liners biodegrade along with the hessian outer bags, to leave just the concrete block. No waste is therefore placed in the watercourse.

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Our Designer's/Contractor's Guide is also available by emailing your details to info@soluform.co.uk

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