Providing simple, cost effective and environmentally acceptable solutions for the placing of concrete in rivers

Soluform developed and patented a range of biodegradable film bags, for use inside traditional hessian/jute bags or on their own, for the placement of concrete in or around rivers. The use of liners or bags is to ensure that cement fines are confined to the bag and not able to leak out into the environment during the vulnerable stage in construction - whilst being placed and prior to the concrete hardening.

Soluform offer a range of low cost, simple to use solutions for the hand placement of concrete in rivers and similar bodies of water, where there is a desire or need to place concrete cleanly, in an environmentally acceptable manner. Such hand placed bagwork may be needed for scour protection, underpinning to a structure subject to scour, the formation of headwalls to culverts and bridges, or the creation and protection of riverbanks and walls.

Our bags are fully biodegradable and are made from natural renewable materials.

In addition to the bags, we also supply ancillary steelwork, together with a range of devices for filling the bags. We don't however supply the concrete, for filling the bags, primarily because we strongly feel that bulky materials should always be sourced locally to any scheme and used wherever possible.


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